Nidge Miller from Blitz

By Christopher
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Leaders in the second wave of Brit punk rock are hitting the road and coming to a city near you in the U.S. They will drink your beer, steal your women, and wave two rigid digits at your President. Can you handle it?

Having written all the songs you are essentially “Blitz.” Why do you think some people can't wrap their head around the fact that you are the band regardless of whom you play with?

Nidge: All has been made clear thanks to the Internet. The younger crowd know the story and are just glad that I keep doing my songs live. Now we have Steve from Red Alert back. He sang for us on a Euro tour and is far better than the first singer.

What broke up the original Blitz? Was it the fact that the original members had no interest in touring?

Nidge: eah they had no interest in touring, plus they were never really into the music. They were the only guys I could find at the time who were willing to help me out in the studio. Sure, they were fakes and posed for the camera but it was the only way I could get my songs done at the time.

What did you do in the years between the band breaking up and resurrecting Blitz for a new generation?

Nidge: Worked In Telecoms for a while then went back to College. I gained a lot of qualifications in Microsoft/ Web design. I was planning to become a Tutor but the call came to get back on the road.

Do punk bands including you get screwed over by record labels that continue to issue their back catalogue?

Nidge: Oh yeah. The Biggest Screw is that bands like Rancid and Distillers did covers of my songs but I never get a cent from the publishing.

Do you plan to do another U.S tour and will you try to hit Canada this time as well?

Nidge: Canada we hope to do later.

BLITZ 2007.

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